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What does a mirror show us?

What does a mirror show us? An extra wrinkle, one more grey hair? A lovely smile that makes you stare. A sparkle in the eyes, a complexion of surprise. A youthful glow or a worn out crow.

Look properly into that mirror. Do you see beauty? Do you see grace? What do you see?.

You see ugly 

You see fear 

You see one more salted tear. 

You see worry

You see anxiety

You see fragility 

Others cannot see your vision in your mirror, they don't understand, they don't have you're eyes. Although they try, they cannot see the portrait reflected in front of you. 

But look again, what do you see? Bright eyes, windows to the soul. A big smile, showing to all. Look again, you see health and happiness and wealth abound. You see compassion, grace and love. You see things you should be proud of. You see a spirit of warmth and character true. Look in the mirror and find the real you. 

Look properly in that mirror. Do you see beauty? Do you see grace? What do you see? 

You see love 

You see honesty 

You see grace and beauty 

You see strength 

You see power 

You see individuality 

Not vanity. 

See yourself as who you are, not what you think you should be. Accept the good the bad the ugly. Love yourself - be free.

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