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Bank Holiday Monday and I'm sitting on the beach waiting for my breakfast to arrive accompanied by a treasured friend of many a year. The sky melts into the sea and the sea smudges skywards, the tide so lazy the water hardly moves. Gulls Bob along, sleeping. 

A butterfly flits along the tide line and settles on a pebble. I want to take a photo of it but I leave it be, soaking up the morning sun, just as I am. It sets my mind off.How beautiful it was that such a fragile piece of wonder can settle so close to something that at times can be so destructive and powerful, yet today the sea matches the stillness of the butterfly's wings.  

I guess that  can be translated to ourselves and the delicate balance and beauty of our own beings.  Within us are such powers that can destroy anything in our wake (often  our own selves) yet given the right care and attention these destructive powers can be used to construct such beautiful landscapes.  

My destructive powers are low self worth, self sabotage, low self esteem and negativity - and these create a picture of dark clouds and high waves, damaging any vessel in sight, marooning any positivity. Slowly I am learning that like this mornings sea and that butterfly, I can use my powers to compliment the beauty that flutters through life and help to create such wonderment I was fortunate to experience this morning. The tide is the voice of the earth's soul just as our attitude is the voice of our own soul. 

I'm thankful for such an experience this morning as yet again mother nature shows me the way, a way I often cannot find in this hustle bustle society we live in where humans are busy doing instead human being.  

The sea and its tide do not have to be rough all the time, and neither should my mind. 

Positivity can only be seen by those who notice the butterflies. 

I saw a butterfly.

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