The seventh series of Shameless began airing on January 26, 2010, it consisted of 16 episodes, a trend continued from the previous two series. Series 7 saw the departure of main characters Ian Gallagher, Paddy Maguire, popular newcomer Maxine Donnelly as well as Joe Pritchard. Karen and Joe continue their affair but when Karen gives birth to a son, Connor Maguire, she begins panic over who his biological father is. The stress of her son's parentage slowly breaks Karen down, she begins to spend all her time obsessively exercising to lose her pregnancy weight. She is eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, perhaps inherited from her disorder ridden mother Sheila Jackson. Paddy's son's take him out on the town to try and encourage him to start dating again, but they abandon him when he starts to embarrass them. Feeling hurt he returns home to find Kelly home alone, and make's an indecent proposal. With Debbie leaving Chatsworth to join the army, Liam, now in middle school, finds himself responsible for looking after the Gallagher household and struggles with the fast changes in his circumstances. Ian is surprised to find he has feelings for Maxine when he pretends to be her boyfriend at her parent's party. A complicated and stress filled relationship soon blossoms. Frank turns 50 and soon starts a new relationship with librarian Libby Croker. Carl and Chesney witness a local thug committing murder and soon find themselves taking the blame. Shane proposes to Kelly but she turns him down due to her guilt over the night she spent with his father.