For many years I was dealing with lower abdominal pain,which resulted to me having endometriosis so they said .. Having irregular menstrual cycles With lots and lots of pain ..
I kept going to the doctors for the pain and kept getting told the same every time,
So with a lot of demanding I finally got a scan to the results wasn’t good, I had cysts and fyriods on my cervix and oravies in womb Since 2014 I’ve had lots of surgeries trying to get rid of them…
Then in September 2018 I had my left fallopian tube and ovary removed…
I don’t think I recovered that ok Everytime I’m put to sleep it does something to my head that tries and blanks it out….
Then November 2018 I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s and a stroke…
But Christmas 2018 I got some devastating news I was going to need another operation.
But this time I was going to need a full hysterectomy due to cancer,
Since my hysterectomy my world has been turned upside down I was brought into post menopause, I have memory blanks of what’s been happening,I suffer with ptsd, Panic and anxiety attacks, Fear of being in crowded places, not wanting to go out of my home 
I have both good and bad days but more bad than good
I’ve been under the mental health for many years now and I still haven’t got the right help I need. 
When is the mental health service going to listen to people when it’s too late,
And families have been destroyed So until the mental health listens to me I’m fight this dark battle on my own ….