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One of the hardest things we can do during a tough situation is be down about it but when we do this it will make it harder to get out of it.

As we are now faced with the lockdown continuing and not seeing loved ones is getting harder by the day I just wanted to share some tips to help you keep going.

Tips for Staying Positive in Negative Situations

1. Get enough sleep and rest

When tired and exhausted, it is much easier to become negative, frustrated and unhappy. Strive not to overwork and exhaust yourself. You should get enough sleep at night, and get some rest, every now and then. Sleep and rest calm your body and your mind. When you are calm, it is easier to deal with negativities and not let them affect you.

2. Bring more positivity into your life

Try to be around positive people. Positivity is contagious. By being around positive people, gradually, you will notice that you are becoming positive too.

Take action, be more active, start new projects and do things that bring happiness into your life. Watch funny and entertaining movies, and read positive quotes and inspirational stories. It would also a good idea to read about successful people who did not allow their circumstances to limit their dreams and their goals. All this, will affect your state of mind.

3. Focus on solutions, not on problems

When things are tough, we tend to focus on the problems. Focusing on problems, makes them grow, and if we don’t do anything about them, we become unhappy, frustrated and pessimistic.

If we maintain a positive attitude, believe that there is a solution, and keep looking for it, we will ultimately find it.

4. Exercise your body

Exercising your body improves your health, your energy level, and your inner strength. This makes it easier to think positively and face difficult situations with confidence and assertiveness, and deal with them more effectively.

Any kind of exercise is beneficial. If you don’t usually exercise your body, start gradually, do not overdo it.

Use your 1 daily exercise to keep active.

5. Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts

Strive to make it a habit to replace each negative and pessimistic thought with a positive and optimistic one. You will need to be aware of the thoughts that are passing through your mind, and if they are negative, immediately shift your attention to other, happier and optimistic thoughts.

You will probably experience inner resistance, and you might even forget to replace your negative thoughts. Nevertheless, continue to practice this technique over and again, until this way of thinking becomes natural and easy.

6. Repeat affirmations

Repeating a positive affirmation when in difficult or unpleasant situations, or when in the company of unpleasant people, would help you divert your attention and maintain an optimistic state of mind.

There are plenty of affirmations, which you can find on the Internet, suitable for different situations. When you repeat the affirmation with faith and focus, you change your attitude and state of mind in accordance with the words you are repeating.

Affirmations, which are positive statements, can motivate and encourage you, and change how you feel.

7. Do not take anything too personally

Strive not to take personally, what people think and say about you. There is no reason in the world to allow their thoughts and words hurt you. It is you, who allow their thoughts and words to affect how you feel. Often, people are not even aware that they hurt you.

Don’t keep thinking about what people said and why they said it. They might have meant something different and you misunderstood them. They might have been joking, or what they said was not about you at all.

You need to learn to let go of anger, resentment and hurt feelings, and this becomes possible with just a little degree of emotional detachment, which is another term for letting go.

8. Learn to meditate

Well, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but even ten minutes a day of meditation, every day, would relax your mind, emotions and body, relieve you of stress and strain, and make it much easier to stay calm and positive in difficult situations and handle them more efficiently.

Staying positive in the various situations that you encounter is a great asset, which is worth acquiring.

Just remember to stay safe and keep checking in with loved ones and friends during this tough time.

We are all in this together, and NO ONE is alone.



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