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I have asked several people to send in their pet images and answer some questions so I think it's only fair that I do the same but I will fill in full details.

My cat does live at my Dads as she is settled but I will fill this in based on me going round there and can see her anytime I want to

What's your first name?


How many pets do you have?


What animal/s is it?


What's the sex of your pet/s?


How old are your pet/s?

11 but 12 on the 21st May

What are their first name/s?

Tootsie Killick

What's the most funny thing your pet/s do?

Will go and sit in the suitcase when we are trying to go away or she will sit in a box.

What's the most annoying thing your pet/s do? 

She sometimes brings mice in the house and is useless at actually catching it so have to deal with it ourselves.

Everything is on HER terms. 

How does your pet/s help your Mental Health?

Tootsie will come and greet you when you arrive in the house but also great at giving cuddles.  Also if I haven't been round there for a while, she will follow me around to keep me company.

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