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What's your first name?


How many pets do you have?


What animal/s is it?

1 dog and two cats 

What's the sex of your pet/s?

All boys

How old are your pet/s?

Cats are 3 dog is 15mths

What are their first name/s?

Dog is called Paddy, Cats are called Toffee & Fudge

What's the most funny thing your pet/s do?

Toffee thinks he’s a dog! Paddy tries to bring Toffee indoors by the scruff of his neck but both are equally as big as each other, Toffee likes to be pampered by Paddy and then swipes him one when he’s had enough pampering!

What's the most annoying thing your pet/s do? 

The most annoying thing Toffee does is scratch Everything!!! And Paddy has to be his farting!! My Fudge is a little angel and just stays away from everything, he likes to cuddle in my lap if he can - the others are quite jealous of him.

How does your pet/s help your Mental Health?

Paddy helps my mental health by getting me out everyday, including when it’s raining, and if I feel low all the animals pick up on it, it’s like they sense I’m either not feeling very well or feeling extremely low so they all gather around be, giving me back some care and love, if I sleep lots all three will sleep with me on the bed or near me and my lovely Fudge will always snuggle close, he seems to pick up on my feelings most. The three of them really do help to lift my mood, sometimes when I feel as if I haven’t got a smile or laugh in me one of them will do something that makes me smile or chuckle to myself 

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