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What's your first name?


How many pets do you have?


What animal/s is it?

 Five rats, a cat, a giant African bullfrog (and the fish tank)

What's the sex of your pet/s?

They are all Male

How old are your pet/s?

Cat is 12, frog is 2, rats are 18 months, 1 year and 1 at 11 weeks old

What are their first name/s?

Our cat is Guinness. Our bullfrog is named Krieg, the rats are: Loki, Salem, Merlin, Arthur and Cayde. 

What's the most funny thing your pet/s do?

It would have to be the rats here... tbh i couldn’t pin it down! Anything to do with rats is complete chaos

What's the most annoying thing your pet/s do? 

Annoying wise... also the rats... they like to throw things around and out of their cage... bedding, cardboard... poop....

How does your pet/s help your Mental Health?

They help me mentally because they make me feel at peace. All the animals get along - there is a strange harmony in our house. Not to mention I talk to our cat and the rats (and even Krieg sometimes) more than I do most people. They listen and they don’t judge. They just show love instead.

Created on 13/05/2020

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