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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this is the most important time to get people talking but also to show that NO ONE is alone!!

Mental Health affects us all one way or another so do not judge anyone based on how they react.

With this in mind, based on the Mental Health Foundation, this week's theme is "Kindness".

This topic has been one of the most talked about especially after Caroline Flack but more so now during this pandemic that we as a planet are facing.

To me, kindness is about helping each other out without any intentions behind it whether that's me just phoning or messaging my friends to see how they are doing. 

Kindness isn't just about helping others, it's also about being kind to ourselves. So this could be, maybe once a month I will treat myself to something whether that is some new clothes or order something on Amazon.

Over the last week I have asked a selection of my friends a list of questions to see what their view is when it comes to Mental Health but most of all Kindness.

Check out below the responses I got from them:

1.What is your first name?




Adam W

Adam H


2.Do you do anything regularly that shows kindness towards yourself? If so what is it

Mark: I make sure when I do something good or achieve something I treat myself important to self motivate.

Chris: When football was being played at grassroots level I took up about 15 to 20 hours a week of my own time to coach a under 9s team and have been doing it for 3 years.

Emma: I take my vitamins and list my gratitude’s every day!

Adam W: I treat myself to either clothes or food or a day out

Adam H: Currently I’m trying to do more things that I enjoy and avoid negative self-talk. I really want to develop more positive habits to improve my mental health further.

Domini: Make myself a coffee before the house wakes up 

3.What act or gesture of kindness have you done recently for someone?

Mark: I’ve been doing home deliveries to customers in my workplace and also getting shopping for my grandmother.

Chris: My gesture of time recently has been that due to me not being able to coach for the kids for over a few months I was told by the parents that some of the kids have been missing football so I set up a WhatsApp group and have been filming little drills for the kids to try so everyone can see them.

Emma: I grew hundreds of seedlings for my business that has had to stop so I gave them away to passers-by in Jericho - they loved it as lock down meant no seeds and no compost!

Adam W: I gave support to a friend who lost a family member recently

Adam H: I baked muffins at home and decided to leave a few of them on the doorstep of my grandparents’ house.

Domini: Send a positive /inspirational message to four of my closest

4.Has anyone done an act or gesture of kindness towards you recently?

Mark: Some people have been coming into my store and saying positive things and leave good feedback which is very heartening

Chris: My manager at work recently put me up for a above and beyond award at work for delivering a 4grand order up to the Jr hospital this was a must needed order that had to be delivered.

Emma: Yes, a lady I gave seedlings too can’t back with a sourdough loaf and sunflower seedlings in return.

Adam W: Someone sent me a vinyl through the post that was unexpected

Adam H: When I was experiencing a difficult patch, a friend of mine reached out and video called me to try lift my spirits. It really made me feel like somebody cared and was bothered about how I was doing.

Domini: Being told I’m loved from my children 

5.What do you do to help manage your mental health?

Mark: I make sure I exercise regularly usually through walking. Giving myself time to do things in enjoy. Football is also a big distraction from everyday things and one time of the week can forget about all the negative vibes and issues.

Chris: Over the past few months I would say I have struggled a bit with my mental health with everything going on and I wasn't really helping myself out but since I have got my bike fixed and I find going on a bike ride for 20-30 minutes a day has help a lot.

Emma: Try not to be too hard on myself if I do feel rubbish. Get out on my balcony and grow my flowers and plants nature is a great grounder and takes your mind off problems

Adam W: Stick headphones in turn on an album and block out the world to cleanse my mind

Adam H:

  •  Speak or spend time with friends
  • Read books
  • Blog on my website
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Watch movies/sports
  • Listen to music and podcasts
  • Journal my thoughts

Domini: Exercise

Adam Howard's website: https://breaking-the-stigma.com/ 

Below is a video from my good friend Emily discussing Mental Health and Kindness.

Other messages I have received from people.

Mental health to me is how my soul feels, how I really am. I was the classic case of "self defining and identifying" and "I just need to sort myself out". I went down and down until I started to self destruct. I busied myself being there, being a good friend to others, yet I needed to be a good friend to myself. Eventually I sought counselling and, although it didn't change events, it did make me realise that I'm not the demon I perceived myself to be. I love the countryside and as well as living and working in it, I relax in it. And I always find answers in nature. Stop, look, listen. Nature is telling me, showing me the way

I always try to listen well and consider others feelings. We all have different thought processes and should respect these as we support each other during difficult times, kindness is key and taking the time to listen is a good staring point

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the above, making people think about kindness really makes you think how people react to it in different ways.

There are numerous ways that you could help people and yourself and this includes:

👉calling a friend who you haven't spoken to for a while

👉tell someone you know that you are proud of them
👉send someone a joke to cheer them up
👉sending an interesting article to a friend

 đź‘‰help with a household chore at home
👉make a cup of tea for someone you live with
👉offer support to vulnerable neighbours 

👉arrange to have a video lunch with a colleague 

👉Forgiving yourself
👉treat yourself
👉believe in yourself

Over the last week I have been working very hard on my website adding new content to hopefully help you get more active at home but also get the family together so check it out.

Here is a list of the main ones but feel free to go through the menus to see what else I have uploaded.

And many more

Last week I took part in Adam Howard's blog for his website and answered some of his questions so check it out.


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