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Last week I attended the 'Can Anyone Hear Me' webinar and this topic was all about 'Children’s Mental Health in The Early Years’.

For me this was a very important subject that needs to be pushed as Mental Health affects everyone of all ages.

With this being said, how far do you go when it comes to talking to children about this topic.

I don't think we should be having full on conversations with our children about certain topics as they should be age appropriate but having those basic chats early on in life will really benefit them.

I wish I had those chats earlier, who knows where I would be now.

Going through school we all have stress and anxiety of different levels so even just having a conversation with children about this will be a massive help just to show that no one is alone!!

But who is it down to to have these conversations, well I personally think its EVERYONE.

This includes

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Support workers
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • And many more

Growing up was really difficult for me, during my school years I suffered a lot of bullying (see the 4 types of bullying bottom of page) from other school kids and then when I was 11, I sadly lost my Mum to Cancer.

Before secondary school I would go out all the time with my friends who lived up my road but then from 2002 as time went on during my teenage years I would start to hide away in my room and just play the Playstation. 

My anxiety was really bad that I wouldn't go on a bus on my own.

Looking back now I never had any real support for any of that but who is to blame. 

Well to be honest it's no one's fault.

Some of it was down to lack of funding but it's also down to the knowledge behind it.

Everyone years ago was told just to 'MAN UP' and get on with it.

Thankfully now these days, many companies and platforms are talking about Mental health but no one really knows how to handle it.

I also do think that technology world has a huge part to play with the struggles these days.

I was 12 when I had my first phone and that was my Mums but was very basic. 

These days we can do everything on our phones, it's like having a personal laptop with us.

I am grateful that I managed to see some of the world without the amount of technology that the young generation sees now.

There is so much pressure to be a certain way these days and this is really harmful to them

One of the speakers on the webinar last week who is 13 years old said the best thing that we can do for our kids is just be HONEST with them.

My Gramp always used to tell me that our brains are like a human sponge, I think that there is too much protection from adults these days, its actually doing more harm than good.

I'm not expecting you to go into full details but just a basic honest overview will have a huge impact and its all about trust.

Here is a quote that I saw on my social media this week from a good friend of mine and I fully agree with what it says as I used to do the same.



For me this is one of the biggest lie we tell to ourselves and others just to hide the real struggle that we are facing every day.

I am very guilty of this and so are you who is reading this post.

How many times have you said that just to avoid in going into detail about how we really feel.

This is where I urge you to take the #asktwice conversation and I talk this an awful lot with the conversations I do.

Just a simple thing can have a massive impact.

Do this next time you have a chat with some one.

If they turn round and still say that they are OK then that's FINE too.

Being a parent isn't just about giving your child the tools for the life ahead it's about listening and recognising your children's behaviour and EVERYTHING they do, there is always a reason behind it.

Show compassion and LISTEN!!!!

So just to summarise, I know more needs to be done from a professional point of view but the real works starts at home and I really believe that.

You don't need to have the answers but having that conversation early on with your children could have a massive impact on their future.

Another friend of mine who is a Mental Health Campaigner is getting a petition ready for Making Mental Health First Aid a compulsory part of teacher training so he would be grateful if you could sign it please.

Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments below your views on this topic as this is just my views.

Make sure your staying safe 





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